Kayaking Lake Veto in Vincent,Ohio.

Kayaking has been my favorite pass-time and recreational activity since I bought my boat in 2012. The first trip I took in my brand new kayak, I paddled over to Blennerhassett Island from Civitan Park in Belpre, Ohio. This was mighty ambitious of me simply because I had never even been in a kayak before, let alone cross a very busy river (The Ohio) and paddle around an island. A fairly big island too, 509 acres to be exact. It was a tough trip, but I made it all the way around the island and back across to the park boat ramp. It was probably the most challenging trip I have ever taken, but needless to say, I was hooked from the start.

Kayaks come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small and for extreme sport, like white water. Some are long for ocean excursions and some are double-seated for two people to boat in together. There is a kayak for everyone! For people who like extreme sporting to those who just want a relaxing day on the water. Personally, I like the calm waters that I can paddle around in, or relax while drifting down stream while checking out the banks for critters. Kayaks can be quite expensive, but there are all sorts of websites to check out and start your research for which kayak best suits your needs. I paid around $200.00 for mine, $30.00 for my paddle and I think around $40.00 for my life vest. You must have a life vest – safety first – plus it’s illegal not to, just like regular boats. I purchased all of these items, kayak included, from Dunham’s. I had Dunham’s coupons, so I was able to knock a few dollars off. All together it really wasn’t a huge investment. I saved for a couple months and for as much as I have used my boat, I have definitely gotten my money’s worth. Sears also has cheap kayaks that run around $200.00 for beginner boats. This is the way to start out, in my opinion.

Today was such a beautiful day here in the Mid-Ohio Valley, my boyfriend and I couldn’t wait to get out on the water! Veto Lake in Vincent, Ohio isn’t far from us, so we go there a lot. It is big enough for motor boats, but small enough to paddle the lake in a kayak too. It has lots of nooks and crannies to explore as well as Tupper Creek, which has lots of Cat Tails that house various species of birds. In the summer months, there are huge lily pads with very large water lilies to enjoy. These are so beautiful, it’s breath taking! Take a look for yourself!


Here’s another with me in the mix of it all so you can see just how magnificent these lily pads and their flowers are!


The most exciting part of summer for me is coming to see these lily’s. I missed their blooms last summer, but rest assured, it won’t happen again this year!

Another great aspect of Veto Lake is all the wildlife! Just today we saw a snake when we were dismounting our boats. I almost stepped on the little guy actually… Glad I didn’t! Don’t let the snakes deter you – they want as much to do with humans as we do with them. They scurry off pretty quickly, but always keep an eye out for that type of thing and remember to watch. your. step! In addition to snakes, there are turtles everywhere! Sun bathing, swimming, or even taking a nap like this one here:


Cute right?? There are ducks, geese, and many other birds including the Great Blue Heron. These birds are so magnificent! They fly with such grace and beauty and have such a prehistoric vibe as well. I marvel at them while they fly by. I’m still working on a good photo of a Great Blue Heron. They hide fairly well and take off when they see you. No time to take a photo when your drooling over how lovely they are. If you ever visit Veto Lake, you will most likely see one of these wonderful birds. You may even see a beaver! I haven’t witnessed them in action yet, but I have seen evidence of their handy work.


Not bad, huh? I really hope to snap a photo of one of these guys hard at work soon. All of these animals make kayaking even more exciting. It’s great exercise, therapy and absorbing all of the beauty of mother nature just cannot be beat!

My visits to Veto Lake are plentiful, as I’m sure now you can imagine why. Stay tuned for more of my kayaking excursions and grab some ideas for your own adventures as well! Paddle on!


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